I’m running out of creative post titles

Well, it’s been rather boring since Tuesday, other than a couple of interesting things I figured out. 

Tuesday, we ran repeats. Four 800s that should have been between 2:50 and 3:00, but were actually slower because the track was covered in ice, two 400s that I don’t know the times of, and a 200. I ran the 800s, but on Monday we’d done a bunch of sprints upstairs, with 180° turns, and those messed up my ankle. All better now, thank goodness. 

Wednesday, Caroline, Will (R) and I ran something like five miles, in freezing weather. I still think it’s better than running on the track. I always feel like a hamster. Plus, Will sprinted the last 400 or something, through the woods. I couldn’t see a thing, and I have no idea how he didn’t fall. We also stole the school records from coach, which is what part two of this post is about.

Today, we would’ve gone up to UMO, but it’s snowing now, so we had a half day and cancelled our practice. Honestly, I’m excited because the last thing I want to do is spend another four hours or something on a bus. We would’ve run tempo, which I might end up doing on my own instead. I’m not sure if I’m enough of an over-achiever for that… 

So, part two. On Wednesday, Will (R), Caroline, and I stole the school records for indoor track. This is a big deal for me, since at the beginning of my indoor season I’d figured, “Oh, I’ll just run for fun,” and now I’ve gotten more more intense about this. This has a bit to do with the records. 

Right now, I’m concentrating on the mile and 800, since Caroline’s much better at the 2 mile than I am. (The first time I ran it, I ran 12:57. The first time she ran it, she ran 12:18.) The sophomore record for the 800 is a 2:27, sent by the top girl on the cross country team the last time they won states (2006), and the school record is 2:26, set by the same girl. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to get both of those, which I think I can. 

Skip this next part if you don’t like math. I used the McMillan running calculator with the 2:25 800 that I’d need to run to get those records. If I was able to run a 2:25 800, I’d be running around a 5:23 mile, which Maggie has already done, so that shouldn’t be too hard, since I’ve beaten her a couple of times. 

The sophomore record for the mile is 5:19, and it’s also the school record. That would be a little more difficult, but hey, why not? 

We’ll see how these goals go. Also, I’m going to do core later, probably. 

(Also, my black toenail is doing a really awesome gradient thing were it goes from bluish black to reddish black. It’s surprisingly pretty.)