Catching up…

Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post. Rather unfortunate. I said I’d post on Sunday, but once I finally woke up, I had so much homework it just didn’t happen. So here’s what happened at the meet on Saturday.

I ran three events this Saturday: 4x800, mile and 800. 4x800 was great. We won again and the two girls who weren’t on cross country are definitely less worried about going out too fast or doing badly. We’re at 11:07 now, so a ten second PR from last week. I ran first this time, which was interesting. I think I like to go second more, mostly because I get to lap people that way. 

The mile was terrible, by my standards. I ran a 5:56 mile, which isn’t very good for me. I ran a 5:58 a couple of weeks ago in training shoes in PE, without a warmup or competition. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be running the mile this weekend though, so I’ll have a chance to improve, thank goodness. 

My 800 was awesome. I haven’t raced a single 800 since last spring, so it turned out really well. Right now I’m second in our conference, but I’ve only raced it once this season. I ran a 2:35, which was especially good after my 2:42 in the 4x800 and the mile-that-must-not-be-named. I don’t think I’m racing the 800 this week, however. Oh well.

Yesterday, Caroline and I ran about six miles. It wasn’t that exciting (we did a bunch of loops, talked about not being afraid of the dark, and did a couple of random sprints). Some of the other guys from cross country tried to do a trail run in the dark with one head lamp, but we both though they were insane and turned around. Nothing new there. 

We’re not actually going to Orono tonight, thank goodness, since I’ve got an essay for biology I need to do. I don’t know exactly what we’re doing tonight, so I’ll probably post about it tomorrow. 

Also, I might try to get some of the XC girls to help out with a running blog. Any interest?